How the garden grows – 9

Suddenly we have colour. No longer is the garden green with white from the jasmine and yellow from the courgette, but there are purples and pinks, oranges and reds. The wildflower seed mix I sowed in spring is blooming and attracts hundreds (I guess) of bees and hoverflies. No butterflies yet though, sadly.



The hollyhocks are the most stunning plants. Really hope they self seed for lots more of them next year.



The slugs and snails continue to be my mortal enemies. All the runner beans and all but one of the cabbages have been eaten by them. Bah.

Most excitingly, we are starting to harvest some of our vegetables. We’ve had a few courgettes, tomatoes and potatoes. The potato crop wasn’t great, I blame planting too late and too many in the container, but so, so delicious boiled and served in lashings of butter and mint. Yum.


Banana pancakes

Banana pancakes -

Ah, lovely, lovely pancakes. They’re a bit of a staple food here, they’re easy and quick to whip up, Betsy can help make them and they taste good too. We’ve had a bunch of very ripe bananas to use up, so we’ve been having these pancakes for the past few breakfasts.

Makes 12 small pancakes. You need:

2 ripe bananas
1 egg
100g self-raising flour
100ml whole milk
1/2tsp ground nutmeg
Handful sultanas

Mash the bananas really well in a bowl with a fork. Add the egg and beat. Sift in the flour, and mix in the rest of the ingredients. Heat some butter and oil in a frying pan and cook a dollop of the batter for a few minutes either side.

Banana pancakes -

Banana pancakes -

Banana pancakes -

Banana pancakes -

Apparently they go really well with bacon, but the idea of banana and bacon weirds me out a bit and I’m happy to just eat them warm with a good drizzle of maple syrup. Betsy chose to have hers with extra sultanas, a drizzle of milk and some sprinkles.

Banana pancakes -

Strawberry picking


Our garden isn’t producing enough strawberries for Betsy to pick, so last week we popped over to our local pick your own farm to harvest some more. Turns out, if you go on a Friday morning, you get the place practically to yourself.



You’re supposed to not eat any pickings until you’ve bought it.


Boo! Hiss!

But we’re rebels.



Once home, we made a glorious Eaton mess, but I was too busy eating it to take a photo.


More info about visiting Parkside PYO here.

How the Garden Grows – 8


It’s so exciting to be in the garden at the moment, I swear something changes every day and I’m pretty sure that these photos are already out of date even though I only took them a couple of days ago.


I always forget just how massive squash and courgette get, I think I may have over done it!



And despite all the massive overcrowding, the broad beans and tomatoes are also doing well.




What flowers are here are also lovely. Very excited about the sweet peas! I’ve never grown those before, they’re gorgeous. Also, THE STRAWBERRIES ARE HERE! I’ve not had any of them, Betsy’s had them all. I’d be slightly miffed by that, but she gets so excited about finding them and then eating then (currently it’s the first thing she asks about after she wakes up) that it makes growing them totally worth it.