How the garden grows – 9

Suddenly we have colour. No longer is the garden green with white from the jasmine and yellow from the courgette, but there are purples and pinks, oranges and reds. The wildflower seed mix I sowed in spring is blooming and attracts hundreds (I guess) of bees and hoverflies. No butterflies yet though, sadly.



The hollyhocks are the most stunning plants. Really hope they self seed for lots more of them next year.



The slugs and snails continue to be my mortal enemies. All the runner beans and all but one of the cabbages have been eaten by them. Bah.

Most excitingly, we are starting to harvest some of our vegetables. We’ve had a few courgettes, tomatoes and potatoes. The potato crop wasn’t great, I blame planting too late and too many in the container, but so, so delicious boiled and served in lashings of butter and mint. Yum.



  1. A most enjoyable post, and lovely pictures. it’s been a dreadful year for slugs and, more especially, snails and I’ve resorted to using organic slug pellets for the first time.
    Happy gardening! xx

    1. I didn’t know you could get organic slug pellets! What brand do you use? Was thinking of getting nermertodes (sp?) for next summer as they’re supposed to be brilliant for slugs. Also a pond and some frogs.

      1. Yes give ‘organic slug pellets’ a google and you’ll see. I think the ones I’ve got are Growing Success. Nematodes are another, and slightly pricier, alternative.
        A small pond is a great idea. Get one and you’ll soon have frogs appear in it. xx

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