The penultimate week! Doesn’t time fly?

Living Arrows

This is a reindeer. I put it together, but it was all designed and directed by Betsy. She found the right materials, she got a reindeer ornament off the tree and used that as a model and pointed out all the features we needed to put on our reindeer (two eyes, a tail, antlers, etc). All of this was totally un-prompted from me, I’d had just come down from upstairs changing Arthur to find her in full creative flow while I had planed something completely different to do. Utterly brilliant. Watching this girl grow and become more of her own person will never cease to fascinate and amaze me.

Living Arrows

The first picture I have of any of my children meet Father Christmas! Betsy has always been too nervous to meet the big man, at the playgroup’s Christmas party where this photo was taken, she sat very firmly on a seat and refused to get off until FC had gone. She sent me into the tent to get a present for her. Sunday just gone, we were visiting Father Christmas at London Zoo and while Betsy was full of excitement for the event during the whole run up, once we got to the grotto, she hid in the pram until we were done. I’m always slightly amazed that someone so fearless with some things, like climbing, can be so timid with others, like meeting new people. I guess everyone is a bit like that in some ways aren’t they? Arthur is absolutely fine being with and held by brand new people, he’ll just look a bit bemused at why he’s being held by them. I wonder what things he’ll find challenging?

Bonus shots from the zoo!

Living Arrows

Living Arrows
(I think this is one my favourite shots I’ve ever taken of Arthur)

living arrows


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