Living Arrows - visiting Jazzmatazz

So Betsy and I had whole day just to ourselves last week. I got last minute tickets to see Ali McGregor’s Jazzmatazz at London Wonderground and while Dave took care of Arthur, Boo and I hopped on a train to the South Bank. It’s SO nice travelling with Betsy, she’s at the age where she (mostly) sits still and can chat with me while sharing a hot drink together but she still gets a thrill from being on a train (as do I because I’m a big nerd).

Living Arrows - visiting Jazzmatazz

Once we were at Waterloo, we grabbed a sandwich and waited for the fun to start. We even managed to grab a balloon too which is always a massive bonus for a three year old.

Living Arrows - visiting Jazzmatazz

After an initial disappointment that Monski Mouse wasn’t going to be making an appearance (because we saw her poster and we were at the same venue), Betsy had a blast at the show. Jazzmatazz is a live jazz show with a (really good) three piece band who do all manner of swing songs, nursery rhymes and 90s and 00s hits. Ali McGregor
is more than just the lead singer though, she feels more of a host, chatting, making jokes and walking amongst the punters and getting everyone to join in. She has a great voice and I was quite happy just to sit and listen to the music while everyone else danced.

As we went on the last Monday before the school holidays started it was pretty quiet, I don’t think there were more than ten children in the room. Not particularly good for ticket sales, but perfect for Betsy who needs a bit of space before she can really let loose.

Living Arrows - visiting Jazzmatazz

Living Arrows - visiting Jazzmatazz

Living Arrows - visiting Jazzmatazz

Jazzmatazz isn’t on in London any more, but there are a few gigs happening during the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. If you happen to be around, do check it out. It’s not very often you come across live music aimed at children, especially when it’s a genre other than pop, and everyone there, children and parents, had a ball. Totally wiped Betsy out too!

Living Arrows - visiting Jazzmatazz

Living Arrows

24 July, 2015


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    26 July, 2015

    It looks as though you had some serious fun! What a fabulous idea – jazz for kids! Only in London! So lovely that Betsy got to enjoy it! #LivingArrows


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