Myddelton House

It was mother’s day last Sunday and I was treated to a trip to Myddelton House Gardens, the home and well loved and tended gardens of botanist E.A. Bowles. It’s a gem of a place to visit and even better is only a short drive from us, sitting at the very top of Enfield in an area that could be the middle of Surrey for all it feels like and not the ten minute walk from the A10 that it actually is.

Myddelton House

There is a small museum telling the story of E.A. Bowles, a man who grew up in Myddelton House and sounds like a wonderful fellow. He’d organise parties for local children, garden in his best suit and, when he reached old age and could no longer see properly, was still able to identify plants by smell alone.

The gardens are a joy to walk through. We arrived early in the morning and had the whole place to ourselves. At this time of the year, the place is teeming with snowdrops and crocuses. The majority of the garden planting is naturalistic looking and even the formal ‘lunatic asylum’ feels semi wild with the original Enfield market cross standing in the middle with plants growing over it.

Myddelton House

Myddelton House

Myddelton House

Myddelton House

I cannot recommend visiting this place enough. It’s free to visit, open every day, there’s a sweet little cafe and there’s something to see throughout the entire year. I cannot wait to come back again.


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    12 March, 2013

    I must visit there again as it’s been far too long since I last did. xx


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