144/365 Went for a bike ride around the park today. Literally the first time I’ve ridden for almost two years. I’ve never been a confident cyclist and I was very rusty, but Betsy loved having other people to ride alongside.

145/365 Had a bank holiday swim at the leisure in Potters Par and discovered the playground round the back of the building afterwards. It’s huge! Lots of things to do. This swing was a big hit.

146/365 Arthur turns one! I took the day off work and we spent the day up a Whipsnade Zoo. The train was the biggest hit with both of them (although Betsy LOVED the new butterfly house) and Arthur tried very hard indeed to clamber over the side of the carriage while it was moving. Not nerve-wracking at all.

147/365 Betsy came home today with a bunch of flowers picked from Nannie’s garden.

148/365 Found a bird’s nest under a tree at the bottom of our road. It’s tiny, only about 5cm wide. I wonder what bird used it? It’s beautiful too, the work that’s gone into it is amazing.

Happy birthday, Arthur
149/365 Arthur’s birthday party. Lots of friends and family in a field with good food and children running wild. It was bloody perfect.

3 June, 2015


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