Week in The Life is an annual memory keeping project organised by Ali Edwards. It’s a look at the everyday, the normal and the things that wouldn’t normally get documented. It’s quite an intense bit of record keeping over a week, but I think it’ll be worth it. From this Monday, I’ll document everything – take a million photos, keep an actual diary (which I’ve not done for a very, very long time) and next week I’ll get into the fun, creative part – creating an album. I got a little bit of money for my birthday from my Grandma (thanks, Grandma!) and I spent it on the WITL kit from Ali’s website. It has everything I need: album, page protectors, dividers and lots of lovely embellishments and papers to use. I’ve started on the album already, putting the page protectors in order and fitting a few journal cards here and there. I’ve no idea if I’ll actually use the layout I’ve given myself, but it’s a springboard for when I start adding photos and words.

Week In The Life album


I’ve also created a cover page, which you can see above. It’ll do. I’m not sure if I like the days of the week on there, I feel I should have kept it simple and just had the date. On the other side of that page I’ll print off a photo of the four of us. I know a lot of bloggers are documenting every day at the end of each day, but I think that may be a bit much for me, so I’ll just give you an update on the finished album once it’s done. I really hope I manage to complete the full week! It’s easy to get fatigued in a project like this, but there’s a great community of WITL-ers, on Instagram and Facebook especially, who are so full of inspiration and support, I should be pretty enthused throughout the week. Lets just hope the rest of the family think the same!


14 August, 2015


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    16 August, 2015

    Oh wow, I have never heard of this project before.

    I’ve always quite fancied scrapbooking but I can never find the time. However, I think I could manage a week and it would be such a lovely thing to look back on. Can’t wait to see how you get on with it. πŸ™‚

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      19 August, 2015

      Yeah, I worry about where I will find the time to do it, but if I can get my arse into gear and make an album from it, it’ll be totally worth it. Join in!


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