Hmm, so it seems to be that I’ve reached the end of this week-long project not with a bang, but was a bit of a damp squib. Many reasons for this. I was tired. I woke up with a terrible headache, so was grumpy. Dave was up til 1am the previous night gaming so was tired and grumpy. Betsy was grumpy with everything. Oh well, at least the week has been bookended with grumpiness! I also forgot to bring my camera up to bed with me last night which I found really put myself in the right frame of mind to take pictures (the camera phone didn’t count here). There are so few photos of the day, I sort of want to do another day in its place, but that doesn’t seem right.

Week In The Life - Sunday

Once we got out the house, things got a lot better. We travelled up to Trent Park to meet up with a friend who did little photo shoot with us. She took some gorgeous photos of us, and I think I’ll pop a couple of shots in my album. Once that is done we had a lunch in the park cafe, sitting outside with Betsy saying hello to all the dogs that walk by.





We have cake at home, watching the rain outside.


I decide to walk into town to get some exercise and come home to see this:


I love it when Ian is outside. He can hear us walking up the road and will run to greet us. I suspect he does this to any pedestrian who doesn’t have a dog with them, and it’s in the hope of food, but I fool myself into thinking it’s because he loves us.

Arthur crashes at half five, so it’s a very early bed for him. That means a bit of quality time with Betsy and the three of us enjoy a breakfast for dinner (fried leftover potatoes from yesterday, bacon, beans and scrambled eggs.)




And that’s that week. It’s been so good to do and I’ve found myself today (Monday) missing the constant photo and note taking, especially as I had a lovely day with the kiddos. I can’t wait to do this again, and thank you all for reading and commenting. Big, super hugs and love to Dave especially who’s had to put up with all this more than anyone. Thanks for letting me take your photo even when you didn’t want me too, lover!

A couple of lists I think I’ll be adding to the WITL album that you may be interested in:

Most listened to music:
Along with an awful lot of 6Music, these are the top eight songs from the week:

Most watched TV:
Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom
Charlie and Lola
Sarah and Duck
The Great British Bake Off
The Great British Bake Off – An Extra Slice
9 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown
(I tended to blog and edit photos rather than watch TV. Children’s TV rules in this house. Can you tell?)


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    Sian | The Mama Story

    25 August, 2015

    Great photos! I’ve loved reading this series Charlotte – I’m fascinated with all the little day to day things and it’s been interesting finding out about your job.


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