How the Garden Grows – 8


It’s so exciting to be in the garden at the moment, I swear something changes every day and I’m pretty sure that these photos are already out of date even though I only took them a couple of days ago.


I always forget just how massive squash and courgette get, I think I may have over done it!



And despite all the massive overcrowding, the broad beans and tomatoes are also doing well.




What flowers are here are also lovely. Very excited about the sweet peas! I’ve never grown those before, they’re gorgeous. Also, THE STRAWBERRIES ARE HERE! I’ve not had any of them, Betsy’s had them all. I’d be slightly miffed by that, but she gets so excited about finding them and then eating then (currently it’s the first thing she asks about after she wakes up) that it makes growing them totally worth it.


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